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February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is catalog time again (I thought we just did that!).

So we headed out to the pasture with the new babies (25 in less than 2 weeks - including twins with a project for Molly). Taking pictures of these crazies is a project. I have plenty of pics with a piece of {Molly or Trevor}. This was my fave - it is the true Molly!

This is going to be our "family pic" in the catalog. They are much cuter than throwing in the adults. Everyone got cowboy hats for birthday or Valentine's (thanks Nana Robyn & Papa Hal). Lila isn't quite sure she wants to wear hers but I have convinced her to wear tiny, skinny ponies sometimes.

Another cutie! Lots of bull pictures to put up on the website and sent off for catalog & flyer publication to go with the kid pictures.

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