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June 24, 2011

Heading for the end of June. . .

First cutting - check

Kinder Camp - check

Regional Jr. Angus Tour - check (THANK YOU Agri-Beef/El Oro & Friehe Farms)

Dirty kids EVERY day (at least once) - check

Summer must be here (as I type the girls think I should get out the wading pool - its not even 70)

Some pictures from the last 2+ weeks.

He had to play by himself! Trev didn't care.

Somehow "Dorothy" escaped most of the dirt throwing.

Lila didn't!

Friehe Farms came and planted our field of "baby bakers". We got caught watching the stream of cool equipment go by like it was a parade.

Hopefully bred, {bred} heifers graze on as bales appear near them. They may well eat this bale this winter. The guys made a couple of rows of big bales along the edge of our grass/alfalfa field. Keeps the little bales cleaner and we get some great hay for the winter.

Fall heifer pairs happily graze.
3 balers make ALOT of bales. With balers logging the hours all over the area, our custom stacker quickly had the work piling up.

Not the scene we want to see when we still had hay down, but a double rainbow can make you smile any day. I should have taken my camera when I went to do chores that night. We have 1 pair here as part of our special care group. I missed a cool picture of her nursing her calf with the more vibrant rainbow behind her.
1st cutting hay finished up on Thursday. Now there is water on everywhere. The guys are talking about how many cuttings they are going to shoot for with our cool spring - wheat looks really good. Wheat definetely likes the cool weather better than alfalfa.
Molly finished Kinder Camp this week. Jeff & I went in for her parent teacher conference today and are realizing she's really going to school! More camps scheduled for the summer and off to school the end of August. My, oh my!

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