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February 6, 2012


Now that February is here it looks like spring!?!

OK everything is still brown - but

I saw equipment ready to roll in the neighbors field this afternoon & the cheat grass on the ditch bank is turning green.

we have 3 calves on the ground. First due date is today and ours are normally late. This little bull was less than 15 minutes old and looking for its first meal! That's how we like 'em.

spring flowers are starting to poke through the ground! Are we going to have an early spring or are they sadly mistaken? I'm ready for the colors of spring and to remember how many tulips & daffodils we have.

mud - no we don't get nearly as muddy as everyone blessed with clay soil. But we certainly have enough to make a now 3 year old boy happy! I think I swept the kitchen floor at least five times today. The mud just has a way of making it in.

Besides pretending it is spring we are in sale catalog mode. Jeff's been with the crew at JR Ranch clipping and picturing bulls. There are some awesome bulls down in Othello that they have managed to picture pretty well. Our favorite pictures are featured on our website (www.sackmanncattle.com). I'll get more posted as the crew gets through the different pens of bulls.

Happy February!


  1. Sometime in the next couple years we want to take a family vacation to washington so I can show my husband and kiddos the great evergreen state- hope you don't mind, but a visit to you and your farm are on my list!

    1. Please do! Love to see you and your crew. FYI took my kindergartener to see good ole Freeman and did not recognize a thing! Hope all is well with your family.