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March 1, 2011

Busy day!

I was raised with pigs, as were multiple generations of my dad's family. I've heard raising pigs is just in your blood and a habit that can be hard to beat. I fit that category! So we have a very small pig herd. But today half of our sow herd farrowed! For real hog farms three litters in one day is a bad day - but around here its kinda crazy!

So 22 new little pigs are running around, would like more, but two were gilts so I won't complain too much.

The kids were good helpers processing litters this afternoon. Molly is finally big enough to sort-of be ok holding the little monsters. Trev and Lila just want to pet them.

On the cattle side - the Red, White & Black Sale Catalog is off to the presses!! A feat worthy of celebrating. Check out the catalog online http://www.sackmanncattle.com/. Jeff & Jeff have semen testing on the docket for tomorrow. Bulls are mostly clipped - soon it will be time to cook that awesome sale day lunch!
Welcome March - loved this blog format - because that is what it looked like here today!

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  1. saw the link on facebook and thought i would blog stalk. You have an adorable family!