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March 24, 2011


The 2011 Red, White & Black Bull & Female Sale is in the books!

A HUGE thanks to everyone; the buyers, bidders, JR Ranch, everyone who came to work & to eat! We had a great sale! It was great seeing everyone on a pretty nice day (for March!).

Here are some of the cuter pictures - other pictures will be posted on our website http://www.sackmanncattle.com.

Molly was a super helper - all day - at the sale. She came with dad & I first thing in the morning and played & helped until after the last heifer was sold. Bigger jobs next year!

Nana Robyn went home with Trev & Lila but the rest of the grandparents hung around. As usual they know tons of people - even if they haven't heard a name since college. Or in some cases knew other people's parents from college. GO COUGS - by the way! We'll take the NIT.

The other big helper & his dad (who helped too). Levi helped his mom in the office all day and reported he was ready for a bath that evening. So cute!

Sid & Jeff discuss the days happenings.

What a great day - yes, we are glad its done for another year. The rest of the crew has been planting wheat & thinking about turning on water. Here comes irrigation season. It actually felt like spring here today so I guess it is time.

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