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May 22, 2011


Hum, with a title like that where or where could I be going-

Kids are too young for such things, thank god.

Molly got to hang out with great girls ~ 16 years older for a while this weekend. I'd say Molly found her soulmate! If anyone brought their teen aged'ish son to our bull sale Jeff says - I'm sure they saw her! The girls parted with a "see you Girlfriend".

We're boring old married people. Although I must admit I think I'm getting "to the age" that I think/worry about our single friends. Mostly because I wish they could know there's someone at home that is happy to see them, no matter how long or crazy the day. Not that I would ever actually follow through on any such thoughts. Anyway, I digress . . .

Girlfriends, all our bulls are delivered! The last trip took us to Oak Harbor, Washington. Below are some pictures taken from 3 Sisters Beef. I'd take eating belly deep green grass, watching the sailboats, and hanging out with 200 girlfriends. Dang life is hard!

Anyway, check out http://www.3sistersbeef.com/! Awesome family who've been farming on Whidbey Island for over 100 years. They've moved from dairy farmers to a beef cattle operation. They specialize in grass fed beef that they direct market. We delivered our fourth group of Sackmann bulls. Jeff enjoyed seeing cows from our bulls raising calves from our bulls.

On a long list of cool things we saw at 3 Sisters Beef - one of Jeff's favorite was their self-serve system. They sell eggs and some meat on the farm on the honor system. Stop take a carton of eggs and some hot dogs and leave the money in the box. Not only is 3 Sisters trusting enough of their neighbors and customers to try this but people give them the same courtesy. Great lesson in the goodness of people that has worked for a number of years.

We also got to spend some time with my Aunt Teresa & "Lexi's Jeff" (that would be my cousin's husband). We enjoyed her great place complete with views of the sound and lots of stairs for the kids to play on. Blessings to Teresa as she heads off for missionary work soon.

On the OMG parent side - Molly has a very loose tooth! I'm in denial about registering for Kindergarten too by the way!

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  1. what a sight from the island! and the honor system? guess there are a few good people out there still.