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May 17, 2011

Hooray for 70!

Yes, finally some warm days! The garden is partially planted & flowers are blooming.

My strawberries & raspberries lived through the winter (unlike some of my bushes) and I'm so excited to have berries in our garden.

Baby corn - yes the neighbors but still up in perfect rows ('gotta love GPS!).

Now we're just waiting for the hay to grow so we can cut it! Right now looks like projected cut date is 2 weeks behind "normal". And if all this rain stays away when the hay is on the ground all will be well.

On the cow front, spring cows have been AI'd, implanted (with embryos) and turned out with bulls. We're planning on working fall calves before the hay hits the ground. Time flies - it doesn't seem like that long ago that they were born!

All our weaner pigs are at their new homes & we'll be breeding some sows next week. Going from 50 pigs to 6 within a week or so seems crazy.

And of course, pics of the kids we chase on a daily basis, because they are cute (at least we think they are!) and I bet you can pick out our lead fashion diva.

Colored bubbles from Great-Grandma for Easter. "Don't worry mom the ad says they come out". Sure enough they do. Way to go Crayola.

Our little farmer - wants to go with "Daddy Jeffy" every morning. We took Molly to a Wizard of Oz play while Trev & Lila stayed with a babysitter. Upon our return Shannon reported she and Trevor had a problem. It seems the brown cows she drew (very recognizable by the way - unlike mom's) were not right. Appartently Trevor "me not like brown cows". Only black cows will do. Oh, the brainwashing has begun!

Lila helping change water. The little ones need hip waders to maybe stay dry in an already grazed (certainly not hard) pasture.

"Dorothy" and Trevor are more interested in the rooster that's moved in at the neighbors than helping change water. Before the rooster was spotted Molly & I could almost keep up with Jeff, umm on second thought he would have been faster by himself, moving pipes. But I guess you've got to start somewhere. And Trev is the end plug carrier. He just follows on along happy as can be.

Spring marches on and we seem to be keeping busy!

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