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April 14, 2011

Water's on.

It's windy, cold & time to change water lines! Sounds like the end of March (or first of April this year) at our house. Jeff enjoys multiple showers throughout the day. When the kids and I went by today Jeff was perched on a ladder working on an end gun along the edge of the road. 'Gotta fix stuff where all the neighbors can see.

We still have handlines & wheellines on our place so the fun of daily moves.

There are a few flowers blooming - notice the still leaveless (not sure if they are alive) bushes in the background. The 15 below in November may have done in some of my poor bushes yet again. The tulips are getting ready to bloom also. Love the fly on the flowers - did I ever mention we have lots of flys at our house in the summer. In the morning the East side of the white house is often covered with the little critters - oh well!

The lawn is covered with sticks and until the rain we had last night the lawn was so dirty, Trevor running across the lawn put up a little dust cloud with every step. Bad when you have to wash the lawn first thing in the spring.

Jeff & I took a long weekend to visit the bull studs & Midland Bull Test last weekend. Lots & lots of black bulls. We also visited a ranch south of Billings with directions that began with "what are you driving". Needless to say 4 wheel drive necessary.

We also stopped at the "Land of Magic" Steakhouse in Logan, Montana. If anyone is ever in the area it is a must stop! Awesome CAB steak and multiple courses for a reasonable price.

The kids and I planting some cool season vegetables in the garden. The strawberries and raspberries we planted last spring look good. More than one day that the kids would like to spend more than 15 minutes outside would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to eat our own berries. The few we had last summer were AWESOME!!

Anyway - May will be lovely - as it usually is! And the locals were quite happy with the rain in Montana. Happy Spring from the Sackmanns!

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