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April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Go Matt, go!

Easter weekend started with working all the spring pairs. I had great intentions of trying to take pictures. Somehow I wasn't able to actually help with cows and take pictures at the same time. So my few pictures were from the guys sorting out the first handful of cows. But we got all the calves & cows vaccinated. Spring heifers got CIDRs earlier in the week. CIDRs are in the first group of cows and the pairs are out to triticale. They are so happy. Hopefully the weather will cooperate a little and keep the grass growing.

After working & moving cows we headed to Walla Walla to spend Easter with part of my mom's family. The mountains are beautiful, green and everyone's spring flowers are blooming.

The people who sat behind us in church had extra entertainment. We had our usual crew and in front of us was my cousin and his family. They have twin girls that are 11 months older than Molly and Max who is 10 days older than our twins. We could pass off two sets of triplets. Certainly not identical but close enough to do some fooling.

All the kids lined up after a round of Easter egg hunting.

Jeff & Tyler were talking cows & grass. Imagine that a couple of cattlemen that haven't seen each other for awhile talking about cows & grass! They may have snuck some comments about kids in there (not part of the college banter - but we must admit we're all 10+ years older - oww!)

Egg hunting on the porch & Aunt Sheryl trying to teach a herd of 2 year olds how to blow bubbles. Sheryl's hair was complete with bubbles & soap (spit?) all over her glasses. Lila got the award for most accomplished. The boys were trying to laugh and blow bubbles at the same time.

And the kids got prizes for their egg hunting skills. These little boys were most excited about their flatbed trucks and tractors!

Happy Easter to All!

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  1. how fun to have the cousins to run with! i am sure they all stayed out of trouble....funny that you don't snap pics while working cattle...come on super woman!....there won't be pics of the dairy tours because I can't talk and wrangle Hannah at the same time and juggle the camera...but I am up to a challange.