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August 12, 2010

On to 3rd Cutting

The guys finished 2nd cutting last Saturday and started 3rd on Monday. So much for getting other stuff done between cuttings! Oh well. Here's a stack of orchard grass/alfalfa mix in little bales and the Inland Tarp crew is getting it covered.

Calves are growing and looking good. All the fall calves are weaned. We gave pre-weaning shots to all the spring heifers this week. Spring cow preg check is scheduled and we're thinking about fall sales. More pictures and getting publications ready. Here's a picture of the heifer we will be offering in the Evergreen Sale in Kennewick on October 9th. Of course she didn't want to stand correctly by herself so her mom is in the background. Her mom will be available at the Fall Production Sale at JR Ranch on November 26th. We will also have a fall steer at the Evergreen that will fit those Spring show needs.

This is "440" she is a pathfinder dam and grand-daughter of OCC Backstop. She will also be offered at the Fall Production Sale in November. We'll be finalizing our sale list after spring preg check. The sale offering will include bred cows, bred heifers, and open (yearling) heifers. JR will again be offering a nice selection of prospect steers and planning to sell bulls that were too young to sell in this past spring's bull sale.
On the home front its been a busy month. Jeff's sister and brother-in-law were home from Oklahoma for two weeks. The kids enjoyed their aunt "Ju-Ju". Molly had two weeks of swim lessons followed by a week of VBS. For a group of kids that are usually pretty unscheduled (especially during the summer) three weeks of places to be everyday and lots of visiting family makes for a mom that is way behind on most everything else. I also applaud pre-school and kindergarten teachers because half a day with a small herd of 3 & 4 year olds was plenty for me! August looks not so crazy - but only time will tell.

Another adventure this past month was the Washington Farm Bureau's Young Farmer & Rancher Golf Tournament. THANKS to all of our sponsors! On my way West on a beautiful Saturday morning Mt. Rainer greeted me as I crested Ryegrass. When we got to the Druids Glen Golf Course in Covington, there our mountain was again. We undoubtedly live in a beautiful place.