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January 27, 2013

Where has the time gone -

Our twins are 4 years old today! Seems like yesterday I was growing out of Jeff's clothes and checkers at the grocery store were obviously nervous something was going to happen in THEIR line.

I don't know what I do everyday, but we do manage to feed and dress the kids and get one off to school along with some laundry and dishes. Animals get fed, some paperwork gets done (never all of it) and although always behind we rally around drop-dead due dates.
Since my last post we've:
     finished fall calving
     finished AI'ing & ET work on fall cows (bulls are still out)
     farrowed and shipped 5 litters of pigs (although kids are still wanting baby pigs back)
     Red, White & Black Friday Sale done - start to finish - THANKS to all buyers & bidders
     a pivot (irrigation circle) magically appeared in our yard (amazing what happens when you hire
          projects done!)
     celebrated a 7 year-old's birthday (and a few adults; we won't mention ages)
     Jeff & I were named the WA Farm Bureau YF&R Achievement Award Winners including trip
          to AFB in Nashville
     took Molly to Montana to visit bull studs & hit two sales (& she now owns her first cow!)
     enjoyed a pretty calm Christmas - at least for us

     started spring calving

Or at least those are the major events/projects!

We are currently working on the Red, White & Black Bull Sale Catalog. Including lotting order, pictures and hopefully video. Just one day of sun would be a god-sent. Another group of bulls were supposed to be clipped and burned today, but something about wet bulls stuck in the fog don't burn very well (sounds bad - but actually very cool (I mean Hot) process even if the aroma is less than appealing).

Oh, and have I mentioned we are also working on house plans (to be build as soon as everything is in order this spring). Loving everyone's comments about marriages and building houses. We figure we've pictured bulls and sorted pigs. We're game!

And we are expecting baby #4 - with a scheduled due date of March 1!
 Yep, maybe chasing a few different things. We figure if we make it through March we are in good shape.