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July 11, 2011

{Belated} Happy Independence Day!

We began our 4th of July celebrations by weaning fall bull calves. The heifers were already weaned. We've been using "fenceline" weaning which requires us to wean smaller groups at one time due to facilities - but much happier calves that show much fewer signs of stress and get back to eating. Fall calves looked good and weights are all recorded. The day ended with a BBQ at the neighbors complete with homemade ice cream. Another good reason to hang out with dairy farmers on a holiday in the summer - thanks Katie, Jared & kids! Jeff and I watched the fireworks that lined the skies all around us while the kids slept off an afternoon of fun.

The guys started 2nd cutting this week. The plan is to get 4 cuttings on most of the alfalfa and 3 on the rest and all the grass. I saw some beautiful green hay around Othello this afternoon. Keep those tires rolling!

Trevor is hiding in the alfalfa in our yard. The field at our house still has wheel & handlines and Jeff starts each day with pants wet up to almost his waist. The laundry line tells the rest of the story.

We joke that you'll know we have a group of teenagers when we start to turn circle ground back into wheel & handlines! Train 'em early.

Ah - good reason to eat dinner outside. No need to cry over spilt milk here.

My little & BIG shavers. Trevor's helping dad make his face match his new haircut. And a cut for the little man, too!