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July 14, 2010


Now that it is the middle of July, second cutting is under way.

We had lots of rain in May and June. It was a blessing for our dry-land farmer relatives and friends but made a mess of our first cutting. Today, we are about three weeks behind normal "schedule". But we shouldn't have any water overage problems!

On the cow side, we've started to wean fall calves and are pulling bulls out of the spring cows.

We try to use as much fence-line weaning as possible. With our facilities that means weaning a number of small groups over time. Since we've been using this procedure as much as possible the last few years our problems at weaning have been very minimal.

Jeff got the world's {slowest} crew for working cows & calves the other day. Earlier this spring we had a circle crash. The rest of the {real} crew was working on getting the "new" circle going and a little group of pairs needed to be worked. So Jeff settled for a 4 1/2 year old, 2 17 month olds, and me to get 12 pair through the chute. We won't be able to hire out by the hour but everything got done and I don't think the kids learned any new words! At least good stories.

Most of the cows are happy out on lush green pasture. We're working on taking pictures getting ready for sales this fall. Our cows aren't train to stand with their legs just so, nor do they listen when we tell them to 'stop' in the previously mentioned pose. Mark your calendars for October 9 & November 27.

July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Yes, I know it is July 7th - but I think this is a holiday we should appreciate, celebrate, and work to honor everyday of the year.
I admit - when I started this I planned to post at least once a month. Every month brings something different around here. Yet just to start - I've lost 3 months. In some ways 3 months is a record breaking pace. I usually figure two years on projects; unless they have a due date or are "on fire".
So I'll get some pictures off my camera and try again.

This has been a crazy spring. We didn't start 1st cutting until we are often done with it. So plenty of time for the kids to run away from my efforts of posed pictures.

This was taken the first week of June.