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March 8, 2016

‪#‎IWD2016‬ ‪

Here I go with an attempt of two posts in two weeks!

Today is The International Day of the Woman.  Certainly agriculture can't overlook the importance of women.

On my facebook feed this morning I saw a challenge to post a picture of #ilooklikeafarmer.  While I didn't manage a selfie, I promise I was looking like a farmer today.  Interestingly enough our day was all about babies.

The vet was here to ultrasound pregnancy check about 2/3 of our fall cowherd.  Since the morning round of preg checking was in the middle of a pasture the vet set up his ultrasound screen in a box to avoid the sun's glare.  I got to run the "box" and see all his images!  Always fun to see little babies moving around inside their mom's. 

Our youngest farm girl helper.  Painting & digging in the dirt during preg-check.  Not only am I not an experienced selfie taker, but when cows were actually going through the chute - I already needed another hand!  
When the first group of cows were done Nia & I headed home to check on a gilt (female pig that has never given birth) that was about to have her first litter.  She ended up doing a stupendous job; delivering 11 babies completely on her own and being as calm as can be. 

The kids had a half day of school today (conference week) so they even got to join in on the fun.  Four kids did sit quietly in the isolet (little pig barn designed for farrowing) for 5 to 10 minutes.  After that they played at the barn where the usual desire to make noise wouldn't disrupt the gilt.  The kids seemed to rotate in and out and help get those little babies nursing.  When you only have 4 sows and they are having fair pigs they definitely get special attention.

All of our girls (4 legged variety) didn't cooperate with where we were supposed to be!  Luckily we have two great teachers at school that seem to embrace the craziness us {and our kids} bring.  We'll get those parent-teacher conferences made-up!

There are so many women in agriculture who tell our & their story so much better than I.  As we look towards National Ag Day next week take a moment and read some of what they have to say about their lives on today's farms.

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