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February 8, 2013

Out of the mouth of (not so anymore) babes

Molly keeps making us laugh with her frank comments and observations!

(Self portrait in pick-up on Montana trip in December)

 Yesterday Jeff moved the pairs away from our house.  Molly's cow kicked Jeff while he was loading her.  When Jeff picked up Molly at the bus stop to let her help with some tagging and evening chores he told Molly that her cow wasn't very nice.  Molly's reply "Well Dad you were the one who bought her."

True Miss Molly, true.  

Later in the afternoon Molly got kicked by a little calf they were working on.  First time for everything, and given how well (NOT) she handles the slightest owie, Jeff said no tears or anything.  Think she'll live! 
And earlier in the week when we were all stuffed into the front of a regular cab pick-up feeding cows, Trevor was fussing about something.  Molly told him "that someday he'll be married too and have stuff to worry about just like Dad".  Jeff couldn't stop laughing.

At least there are few dull moments around here!