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May 17, 2017


& realfarmmoms!

Last Sunday was Mother's Day. Three kids brought breakfast in bed, Jeff brought flowers & the Sunday paper & Molly gave me this homemade card (can't find that verse in the store!). Yes, I don't make my kids do morning chores on most school days.  And the livestock nutritionist in me requires cattle on grain to be fed twice daily.

Besides the necessity for custom cards, ranch & farm moms also require flexibility!  What we drive often showcases this. We have 4 kids - so I drive a full size SUV.  But also because you can haul stuff with it & check cows (with or without groceries on board).  8' posts - sure just put a couple of seats down.  Picked up at the same time as supplies for synchronizing cows, replacing the roses that winter killed (grrr.....), chick feed, and a new rosemary plant (fresh rosemary is SO good with beef!). With room for a kid or three still available.

Next project is picking up feed/mineral & moving panel gates between two corral projects. Yes, stick shift operation is mandatory!

Run into a group of farm/ranch/dairy/rural moms & you will also find the necessity for shared carpool duties.  Get an extra kid, give an extra kid; whatever.  While we have awesome husbands the farm/dairy/ranch doesn't always allow them to help us get multiple kids to multiple places at one time.  Amen for the mom who has kids a similar age as yours and understands your chaos!!  And those trips to town aren't always quick - so sharing duties makes everyone's life go smoother.  My favorite from this week is "neighbor" bringing daughter over to go to softball game.  Takes longer to get to our house than I think it should - whatever I run late ALWAYS!!  When they get to our driveway, softball player also has uncle in car.  "Got a call to pick him up from swather on the way by" - yep flexibility & seating for a few extra are MANDATORY for farm & ranch moms!!