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September 13, 2011

Where does time go?

People will ask us if we are keeping busy. After the initial thoughts of have you met us before, I usually think what do I do everyday. Today was one of those days that so explained where all the time goes.

Molly on the bus - on schedule (new concept for us). Headed out with Trev & Lila to do chores and then go for a little walk. Chores done, walk started - at first corner we find Jeff moving pipe. He hurt his back last weekend so we've been trying to give me some help. I leave the kids in the dirt corner to play and help Jeff. Soaked pants and shoes later we continue to move heifers to a new pasture. Kids in toe, Lila missing all of her clothes from the waist down (potty training you know!) get heifers moved. While moving heifers we pass the neighbor's plum trees that are never picked and the last ones are ripe. In the group are two extra smart ones that found a porcupine.

Matt brings the trailer and takes the heifers to the chute. I follow because I've never seen such fun. Dry clothes for Lila & I, guys get the heifers taken care of (hopefully), and the kids and I head to pick (um, steal) plums. They were harvesting the "baby bakers" yesterday and today. I wanted some pictures and to grab some for my grandma. So after plums we went to the spud field. Return a couple phone calls. Wow - its 11:30 and check with Jeff and he would like lunch at the shop. Make, deliver & eat lunch get back home and it is 1:30.

So what I did today: help with water & heifers, steal plums & potatoes, and deliver lunch. (Naps, pick tomatoes, make dinner and put kids to bed after lunch!)

Jeff would LOVE to have plans for every day - I'm better off to not try!

Tomorrow's plan: weaning shots for all the spring calves!